Rajasthan: Priyanka Gandhi attacked PM Modi, made big allegations


The tours of leaders of political parties have started before the assembly elections in Rajasthan. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi addressed a public meeting in Niwai in Tonk district of Rajasthan and during this she selectively attacked PM Modi. Priyanka Gandhi said that PM Modi gave the entire wealth of the country to his industrialist friends.

On this occasion, Priyanka Gandhi said that the one who calls himself son of the soil travels in a convoy worth crores. PM waived off the loans of industrialist friends. Kept industrialist friends forward. In the midst of elections, they bring religion and caste. Priyanka Gandhi said that this election is the election of your future. 

On this occasion, Priyanka said that there is inflation in the country. But BJP people are not worried. Gehlot government of Rajasthan is worried about the state. Gas cylinder is being given for Rs 500. There is free treatment. Food is for 8 rupees. There is employment guarantee scheme. Because we consider the poor as Ganesh.

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