Rajasthan: Preparation for a break on Kirori Lal Meena's flight, permission will have to be taken before picketing!


At present, there is a Congress government in Rajasthan and the BJP is in opposition, in such a situation, it becomes the duty of the opposition to go before the government and place their demands for the people of the state. BJP's Rajya Sabha MP Kirodi Lal Meena is doing the same thing. He confronts the government with everyone to help him. 

In such a situation, sometimes his performance reaches a very high level and his party comes to know about it later. In such situations, many times BJP leaders are not able to reach such demonstrations and Kirodi is left alone. Sometimes on such occasions the opposition also has to look down. Even Kirori himself has said once or twice that he has not got the support of the BJP state president or the party in his protest or protest against the government. 

In such a situation, the party also gets embarrassed many times. But now this information has come out from the side of the organization that the permission of the organization has to be taken before the demonstration, and if it does not happen then it will be a personal matter of the protester.

It is known to everyone that the tension between Kirori Lal and the state party president is well known. Kirori has already said during the demonstration in the paper leak case that Satish Poonia's cooperation has not been received.