Rajasthan: Pilots are not obeying even the high command, Pawankheda spoke big about 'Jan Sangharsh Yatra'


A lot can be seen in the Congress before the assembly elections in Rajasthan. The ongoing cold war between Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot can now take a new color as well. This is because Sachin Pilot is not even listening to the Congress high command. Today i.e. from May 11, he is going to start the Jan Sangharsh Yatra in the name of corruption.

Regarding this, there is a disturbance in the Congress high command as well. On the other hand, Pawan Kheda, president of Congress' media and publicity cell, has made fun of Sachin Pilot's visit. A statement of Pawan Kheda has become a point of discussion in political circles. In Delhi, when the media talked to Pawan Kheda about this visit of Pilot, he laughingly said that he finds Sachin Pilot's move a joke.

The media asked Pawan Kheda questions about the resolution of the pilot case and also talked about the pilot's Jan Sangharsh Yatra. Regarding this, he said that he finds this step of the pilot a joke. During this, he said twice what should be the solution to the joke? There is nothing left to solve now. 

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