Rajasthan: Party MLA's warning to CM Gehlot, will sit on dharna with grass in mouth


Divya Maderna, MLA from Jodhpur's Osian, is in discussions these days in Rajasthan Congress. She makes the ministers of her government unanswered in the assembly. Recently, in the Vidhansabha, in the matter of heroines, he told Shanti Dhariwal, a minister of his government, a lot of siege and a lot of criticism.

MLA Divya said that Minister Shanti Dhariwal suddenly canceled 44 roads in her constituency Osinya due to political malice. Not only this, Divya Maderna fiercely cursed Shanti Dhariwal in the case of Kirodi Lal Meena. Divya said that malicious intent has been kept against me.

Speaking, he said that in the last two days, I had protested against calling the strong leader of Meena Samaj a terrorist and making anti-women remarks on heroine Manju Jat. Because of this has happened. MLA Maderna challenged that if Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot does not interfere in this matter, then like the heroines, I will also sit on dharna with the people of Osian with grass in my mouth.