Rajasthan: Opposition to RTH, today there will be no treatment in private hospitals across the country, and patients' pain will increase


The Government of Rajasthan got the Right to Health Bill passed in the Vidhansabha, but now instead of giving relief to the patients, this bill is working to merge. Yes, more than 8 days have passed and doctors of private hospitals are continuously opposing this bill. In such a situation, it has been decided not to work in private hospitals across the country today.

The situation is such that till now more than 6 thousand operations have been postponed in the state and a load of government hospitals has increased. The situation is such that people are not getting treatment even in government hospitals. In such a situation, when the government tried to talk to the doctors, the doctors came to talk and got up saying that they do not accept the Right to Health Bill. It should be removed.

In such a situation, due to inconclusive talks from both sides, now more problems have increased for the patients. The resident doctors of Rajasthan have already come in his support. On the other hand, on March 29, other government doctors also decided not to work for one day.