Rajasthan: One person was detained on suspicion of sending army information to Pakistan


A suspect from Rajasthan's Jaisalmer was detained on Thursday on the suspicion of spying for the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. 

According to reports, the team of intelligence has caught a suspect from the Chandhan area of ​​Jaisalmer on the suspicion of sending confidential information of Army and Air Force across the border and spying for this agency after being trapped in the trap of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI.

This suspect is being questioned by the team of intelligence. In this regard, the mobile, etc of the suspect is being investigated. According to the information received from official sources, the ISI has tried to get tactical information of the army and air force by trapping a person named Nabab Khan in the Chandhan area of ​​Jaisalmer. 

It is worth noting that due to the field firing range of the Indian Air Force in this area of ​​Jaisalmer, there are always operational activities of the Air Force. For this reason, Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI also keeps an eye on this area.