Rajasthan: Now people will get an electric shock for not voting, and electricity will be expensive per unit


The Ashok Gehlot government of Rajasthan has now made 100 units of electricity free for the common man in the state, but the people of the state who did not vote will now be in for a shock. Such people will now have to pay more electricity bills. 

According to reports, now a separate tariff is being prepared for people who do not vote in elections, under which these people will now have to pay Re 1 more per unit. For example, if a person's bill for 500 units is coming to Rs.3490, then he will have to pay Rs.3990 if he does not vote.

According to the news, a decision has been taken by the Election Commission in this regard and its notification may be issued soon. This type of decision has been taken by the Election Commission for the maximum participation of voters in the assembly elections to be held in the state this year. This decision of the Election Commission will be implemented in other states as well. 

It will be the responsibility of the electricity connection holder to get each member of the family to vote.