Rajasthan: New disclosure about the high command's action on the pilot, not Randhawa, now new steps will be taken at his behest


There may be time for the assembly elections in Rajasthan, but the ongoing internal tussle between the Congress is not hidden from anyone and everyone knows about it. In the ongoing feud between both Pilot and Gehlot, this time Pilot is ahead in rhetoric. But Gehlot has kept silent. 

At the same time, another statement has come out from the party regarding the action on the pilot regarding Sachin's sit-in and fast and this statement is from Amrita Dhawan, the new co-in-charge secretary of the Congress in Rajasthan. He has indicated not to be in a hurry regarding the action in the Sachin Pilot case. 

Dhawan said that on speaking, we do not cut the neck by using a straight sword-like other parties. Talking to the media, he said that if someone has pain in his mind, he can say it. Can keep his word. We have been sent by the party with folded hands to strengthen the Congress. Our party is not like BJP and other parties. If he speaks, the neck will be cut with a straight sword. We will not do this. We will listen to everyone.

Photo credit: aajtak