Rajasthan: Neighbor raped tribal girl for a year! This is how the matter was revealed


Once again a case of shame to humanity has come to light from Rajasthan. Here there has been a sensational disclosure of a tribal girl resident of Jhalwar, allegedly raped continuously for a year by her neighbor. 

According to reports, the accused had also given birth control pills to the girl to hide her heinous act. This resulted in the death of a six-month-old unborn child. The investigation in this regard is being done by the Rajasthan Police. 

According to reports, his neighbor forcibly had a physical relationship with a tribal girl from Jhalwad for a year. The matter came to light in this regard on Saturday. It is being told that the girl was taken to the hospital on Saturday after she complained of abdominal pain.

The doctors informed that the girl was six months pregnant. According to the police, the accused had also forcibly given birth control pills to the girl. The six-month-old unborn baby died due to these pills. The police have started their action by registering a case.