Rajasthan: Medical department gave these instructions to stop the spread of corona


These days the infection of the coronavirus seems to be increasing again in Rajasthan. The number of active corona patients in the state has also reached close to a hundred. To ensure that the corona infection does not increase, the medical department has directed the officials to take special vigilance and strictly follow the corona guidelines. 

Vaibhav Galaria, Government Secretary, Medical Department has given this information. He said that during the last festive season and the ongoing marriage season, the Corona rules are being largely ignored. As a result, the number of coronae infected has increased. But to ensure that its spread is not high, instructions have been given to the officials to ensure that the five-fold strategy is followed.

He said that this strategy includes Test, Track, Treat, Vaccinate and Behavior. The Secretary said that the officers have been asked to increase the number of Kovid tests in the districts and to immediately investigate the persons who came in contact with the infected patient. So that the spread of infection can be stopped immediately.