Rajasthan: Kirori Lal Meena left Jaipur's SMS and went to Delhi for treatment, making many allegations against the government


BJP MP Dr. Kirorilal Meena was also in the headlines for the demand of the heroines in Jaipur, Rajasthan, when the MP was going to meet the heroine, he had a clash with the police and was injured, after which he was admitted to SMS Hospital. Was done. Where he has gone to Delhi for treatment.

According to the information, the hospital administration has not referred to Delhi. Kirori has gone to Delhi of his own will. Information has come to the fore that now Kirori can get treated in AIIMS. Before leaving, Kirori Lal Meena accused the government of being cruel and negligent in his treatment.

When Kirori Lal was leaving, he also targeted CM Ashok Gehlot and Minister Shanti Dhariwal. Dr. Kirori praised the doctors of SMS but said that they are under government pressure.