Rajasthan: Hearing this statement of BJP leader Rathod, Pilot can take a big step, can take a decision soon!


Even though 6 months are left for the assembly elections in Rajasthan, but these days there is a competition in the Congress party to defeat its own people. It is as if a bet has been made between both Pilot and Gehlot to see who will defeat the party well in these elections. The world is aware of the fight between these two.

But the high command is as if sitting with closed eyes. On the other hand, BJP is taking full advantage of it. BJP leaders are not missing out on making any kind of statements on this occasion. BJP leader Rajendra Rathore surrounded the government on issues like law and order, corruption, RPSC paper leak episode. Along with this, he also took a jibe at the internal discord of the Congress. 

Rajendra Rathore said on this occasion that Sachin's plane is now flying on auto pilot mode. Time will tell where it will land. He said that the farewell of Congress in Rajasthan is certain. Also said that the BJP will contest the Rajasthan assembly elections under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi.

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