Rajasthan: Hanuman Beniwal again gave a big offer to the pilot, if he accepts then he can become the CM of Rajasthan!


Even though there is still 6 months left for the assembly elections in Rajasthan, political parties are already engaged in manipulations, at this time Congress MLA and former deputy CM Sachin Pilot is taking out a public struggle and the reason for this There is corruption. 

By the way, it is known to everyone that Pilot and Gehlot do not like each other, in such a situation, even though Pilot is taking out this yatra in the name of corruption, Ashok Gehlot is the target. On the other hand, RLP chief Hanuman Beniwal says that Pilot should form a separate party and leave the Congress.

If he forms a separate party, then our party is ready to support him. He said that I have said this before and now I am saying it again. The pilot should do this work in time. Nothing remains after the time is up.