Rajasthan government is blowing away Modi's guarantee: Ashok Gehlot


Former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has targeted the BJP over the Bhajan Lal government's plan to provide Ujjwala gas cylinders for Rs 450.

Ashok Gehlot tweeted in this regard that our government in Rajasthan first announced giving gas cylinders for Rs 500 in the country and started giving cylinders for Rs 500 in May 2023, which benefited about 76 lakh families. Due to the imposition of a code of conduct for assembly elections, the subsidy transfer in our scheme was stopped in November and December.

In the elections, BJP gave a guarantee of providing Ujjwala gas cylinders for Rs 450 and also made false praise of implementing the scheme, but to date, the subsidy has not reached the bank accounts of the connection holders. After increasing the prices of petrol and diesel, now the Rajasthan government is deflating Modi's guarantee by not reducing the prices of gas cylinders too.

PC: freepressjournal