Rajasthan: Gehlot government came under the target of its own people, Pilot said this CM


The protest of the heroines of Pulwama martyrs may have been forcibly ended by the police, but now this matter has gained more weight. In this case, after the health of MP Kirori Lal Meena deteriorated, the government has already come under attack from the BJP. Along with this, the Gehlot government is also the target of its own people.

There is a similar figure of 36 between former deputy CM of the state Sachin Pilot and CM Ashok Gehlot. How is he going to remain silent in such a situation? He also said that one should not let one's ego come in the way. If there are some demands, they can be fulfilled. 

He targeted without naming Ashok Gehlot. Also said that this message should not go to the country that we are not even ready to listen to the words of the heroes. Whether you agree or disagree is a matter of the latter. According to the information, Sachin Pilot also said that this matter could have been resolved in a better way. The way the police treated them cannot be accepted.