Rajasthan: Even before presenting the budget, Finance Minister Diya Kumari gave this big gift.


Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Diya Kumari has done a big job before presenting the budget in the Rajasthan Assembly. He has given a great gift to the people by virtually inaugurating Craft Village, Kunda Amer. On this occasion, Deputy Chief Minister Diya Kumari said that with the development of Shilpgram, local handicraftsmen will get a suitable place to sell their products, while their products will also get good prices and will also get recognition at the international level.

Finance Minister Diya Kumari said that it is an amalgamation of Indian craft, art and culture. This is not seen in any other country in the world. If tourism and handicraft industries make joint efforts on one platform, then the possibilities for development of this industry will be immense. The tourism industry is growing rapidly in the country. This is the result of India's growing progress in the field of tourism on the world stage.

During this, Diya Kumar said that the Government of India and the State Government are working together to give world-class recognition to the traditional handicraft art of Jaipur and to promote modern technology.

PC: herzindagi

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