Rajasthan Elections 2023: Why is Congress saying this again and again? PM did not complete his work even after giving his answer


The dates of assembly elections in Rajasthan have been announced and the leaders have entered the fray. All political parties have fielded their leaders for election campaign. In this series, Congress has also started the election campaign in Rajasthan with a big meeting. 

Let us tell you that a big election meeting of Congress was held in Baran and in this meeting, the party's national president Kharge made a scathing attack on BJP and PM Modi. Also spoke a lot on the issue of ERCP. He said that the Prime Minister gave his word at two places including Jaipur to give the status of national project to ERCP, but did not act on it.

Taking aim here, Kharge said that the Prime Minister promised the public to give money for this project, but till date there is no information about it. Let us tell you that Congress has made ERCP an election issue. 

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