Rajasthan Elections 2023: Why do these ministers of Gehlot not want to contest elections?


There are many people in politics who do not lose their attachment to the chair even after growing up, while there is also a minister in the Congress government from Rajasthan who does not want to contest elections. Whereas his supporters want him to contest elections. In such a situation, while trying to convince him, his supporters even took off their turbans.

Yes, let us tell you that Hemaram Chaudhary, a prominent farmer leader of Marwar and cabinet minister in the Gehlot government, has refused to contest the elections. Due to this, the supporters of Minister Hemaram Choudhary are very disappointed. 

Thousands of his supporters organized Maha Kumbh and tried to convince Minister Hemaram Chaudhary to contest the elections, but he is not ready to agree. Let us tell you that Hemaram is the leader of the pilot group. He said that he could not complete many projects during his tenure. That's why I don't want to contest elections.

Who is Hemaram Chaudhary?

Let us tell you that till now Hemaram Chaudhary has contested the assembly elections eight times and has won the elections six times. He previously held the status of Minister of State in the Gehlot government, Leader of the Opposition in the Vasundhara government and Cabinet Minister in the current Gehlot government.

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