Rajasthan Elections 2023: Why do Gehlot and Pilot have to say this? The love between the two has become an example.


With the announcement of the dates of assembly elections in Rajasthan, the tours of politicians have also started. The leader is touring Latar Pradesh and addressing the people in the election atmosphere. In such a situation, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi is also visiting Rajasthan today. Before the tour, when Sachin Pilot also arrived to visit the meeting venue, the media discussed him here.

During this, while talking to the media, Pilot said that the love and affection between Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and him has become an example. He said that the opponents are scared due to this while the media people are also worried as to how the news will be made now.

Also, before Sachin Pilot, CM Ashok Gehlot said the same thing in Delhi. He also said in Delhi that there is so much love between us that what can I tell you? CM said that the opposition is worried about the love between us.

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