Rajasthan Elections 2023: Why did Gehlot have to say that almost all the tickets for Pilot are clear?


The dates of assembly elections in Rajasthan have been announced, the first list of BJP has arrived but the wait for the first list of Congress is increasing. Continuous discussions are going on and speculations are being made that the list may come out in a day or two. 

Even before the first list came out, CM Ashok Gehlot also said a big thing about Sachin Pilot. CM said that there is so much love between us that what can I tell you? CM said that the opposition is worried as to why fights between Gehlot and Pilot are not happening now? 

Along with this, Gehlot said that you might be mentioning Pilot Saheb but it is not so, all the decisions are being taken very well. He said, all the tickets of Pilot Saheb are almost getting cleared. I didn't point a finger at even a single ticket of his, what could be bigger than this?