Rajasthan Elections 2023: There was an argument between Gehlot and Rahul Gandhi over deciding the tickets, Sonia had to intervene.


Preparations for the assembly elections are in full swing in Rajasthan and political parties are continuously engaged in election campaigning as well as releasing the lists of their candidates. Along with this, Congress has so far released five lists of its candidates and now the sixth list is to be released. 

If reports are to be believed, the atmosphere also became heated in the meeting of the Congress Central Election Committee called to finalize the names of candidates for the Rajasthan Assembly elections. It is being told that during this period there was an argument between Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and CM Ashok Gehlot. The atmosphere deteriorated so much that Sonia Gandhi had to intervene to pacify both the leaders.

According to media reports, in the Central Election Committee meeting, Rahul Gandhi expressed his displeasure as to why the names of candidates for all the seats in Rajasthan have not been decided yet. Told Gehlot, you were saying three months ago that there is resentment not against our government but against some MLAs. Today you are saying that there is no alternative to them, then why did you not field second line leadership on those seats. On this, Gehlot also started replying by raising his voice a little.

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