Rajasthan Elections 2023: The high command will be shocked to hear this statement from Sachin Pilot before the elections!


The election bugle has sounded in Rajasthan and backgammon has been laid. With this, now big leaders of political parties will enter the field and compete with each other i.e. contest elections. Let us tell you that the Election Commission has announced the dates of assembly elections in five states and along with this, voting is going to be held in Rajasthan on 25th November.

Before this, Congress leader and former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot has also expressed his views regarding the elections. Although he is calm after his protest and being made a member of CWC, he is also repeatedly reiterating the need to organize Congress. Although earlier the figure between Pilot and Gehlot was 36, but now there is peace between the two. Gehlot has also told the pilot to be the high command. 

Along with the announcement of the dates, regarding the preparations for the victory of the Congress, former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot said that the Congress is organized and one, we are all going to fight the elections together and this time we will change the tradition of changing governments. He said that we will repeat the government after winning the elections. 

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