Rajasthan Elections 2023: Sadhvi Anadi Saraswati joins Congress after leaving BJP!


The election platform has been laid for the Rajasthan Assembly elections, the leaders have entered the fray and along with it, the campaigning phase is also going on. But in between, the game of party change is also going on. Congress leaders are joining BJP and BJP leaders are coming to Congress. 

In this series, BJP leader and Sadhvi Anadi Saraswati, who was seeking ticket from Ajmer North, has left BJP and has now joined Congress. Let us tell you that Sadhvi wanted assembly ticket from Ajmer North but BJP did not pay attention to her demand and in her place declared Vasudev Devnani as its candidate from Ajmer North.

Sadhvi Anadi was angry with BJP regarding this. Meanwhile, Sadhvi Anadi Saraswati joined the Congress Party in Jaipur. Let us tell you that she is a resident of Ajmer. Sadhvi has completed her Masters i.e. MA in Sociology. In the year 1995, she joined Anadi Saraswati Sadhana and in 2008 took initiation from Premanand Saraswati as per the tradition of Mahanirvana Akhara.

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