Rajasthan Elections 2023: Priyanka Gandhi will corner BJP on this issue, on her Rajasthan tour on October 20


Campaigning for Rajasthan Assembly elections has now gained momentum. Apart from local leaders, now campaigners from Delhi have also started arriving. While BJP has organized 3 meetings with Modi in 11 days, Congress is also organizing meetings with its Delhi leaders. Two days ago, Congress National President Kharge had a meeting in Baran, Rajasthan and now after 2 days Priyanka Gandhi is coming to Rajasthan.

Yes, Congress National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi is going to visit Rajasthan. Before the assembly elections to be held this year, Congress has made full preparations to corner BJP on the issue of ERCP. Congress National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi will also come to Rajasthan regarding this. She will hold a public meeting in Sikrai assembly of Dausa district on October 20.

It is noteworthy that Congress is continuously demanding from the Central Government to give the status of national project to ERCP. Besides, it is also continuously trying to corner BJP on this issue. 

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