Rajasthan Elections 2023: People appeared satisfied with Gehlot's work in the opinion poll but in front of Modi...


Internet Desk. Assembly elections are near in Rajasthan, voting will be held on 25th November and election results will be declared on 3rd December. In such a situation, opinion polls are also coming out continuously. If we look at these open polls, sometimes the BJP and sometimes Congress seem to be getting a majority.

In such a situation, the latest opinion poll of NDTV has come out. Many questions have been asked from the people of Rajasthan. He was asked for his opinion. More than 3,000 people have expressed their opinion in 200 assembly constituencies of Rajasthan. The ruling Congress has also got an edge on some issues. The people of Rajasthan are happy with the work of Ashok Gehlot regarding schools and hospitals.

In the survey, 43 percent of voters say that they are completely satisfied with the Gehlot government. 28 percent of people are satisfied to some extent. Only 10 percent of people said they were somewhat dissatisfied. At the same time, 14 percent of people are completely dissatisfied with the ruling party. BJP has got the benefit of the Modi factor. Due to the Modi factor, BJP seems to be getting benefits in Rajasthan. When the people involved in the survey were asked to choose between PM Modi and CM Gehlot, PM Modi defeated Gehlot. 37 percent of people like PM Modi. At the same time, 32 percent of people like Gehlot.