Rajasthan Elections 2023: CP Joshi made big allegations against Congress, said this regarding BJP's victory


Election atmosphere has been created in Rajasthan, political parties are continuously busy in campaigning and at the same time they are not failing to target each other. In the midst of this election campaign, both the big parties are also making claims of winning the elections. Here, BJP State President CP Joshi has also targeted Congress. 

State President CP Joshi said that the people of Rajasthan have made up their mind to bloom lotus in 2023. The Congress government has broken its promises to farmers and youth. Congress leaders are still not desisting from lying. BJP has announced more than 60 percent of its candidates but there is still confusion in the Congress camp.

He said that this time no matter how hard Congress tries, the government is going to be formed by BJP and that too with a huge majority. Joshi has also accused Congress of lying and breaking promises. 

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