Rajasthan Elections 2023: CM's big promise to state employees, if government repeats then it will bring OPS law


Election atmosphere is going on in Rajasthan, BJP and Congress are claiming their respective victories and are also making promises to the people of the state which they have to fulfill when the government comes to power. In this series, CM Ashok Gehlot on Friday gave seven more guarantees to the people of the state and also said that they will be fulfilled if the government repeats it. 

One of these guarantees is OPS i.e. Old Pension Scheme which CM Ashok Gehlot has already implemented. But he has now talked about making it a law. Yes, CM Ashok Gehlot has restarted the OPS facility for the employees in his government and now he is going to make it a law.

CM said that if the Congress government is repeated in Rajasthan, then the state employees will be given guaranteed benefits of OPS and Old Pension Scheme. For this the government will bring OPS law. The government has implemented the Old Pension Scheme in Rajasthan. Now it has been guaranteed to be made an Act.

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