Rajasthan Elections 2023: CM Ashok Gehlot kept his promise, independent MLAs who supported him got tickets ​​​​​​​


Assembly elections in Rajasthan are going to be held on 25th November and preparations for the same are going on by political parties. Congress has released the list of its 43 candidates for the second consecutive day. Five independents have also got tickets in this list and these are the people who had supported Gehlot during the Pilot rebellion. 

Let us tell you that at that time, CM Ashok Gehlot was successful in saving the government on the basis of 13 independent MLAs, including 6 MLAs who joined Congress from BSP. CM Gehlot has fulfilled his promise by getting tickets to 5 out of 13 independent MLAs. It is believed that the MLAs who joined Congress from BSP may get a place in the third list.

Let us tell you that in the second list, independent MLA Omprakash Hoodla, CM advisor Sanyam Lodha, Babulal Nagar, Laxman Meena and Khushveer Jojawar have been given tickets. Let us tell you that during the rebellion, all of them supported CM Gehlot and fully cooperated in saving his government.

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