Rajasthan Elections 2023: Chandrabhan Singh Akya made these serious allegations against the party state president, CP Joshi was also left watching.


BJP has released two lists for Rajasthan Assembly elections and the party is facing opposition after both the lists. In such a situation, the party is facing opposition from Chittorgarh assembly seat of the state and the reason for this is the cancellation of ticket of sitting MLA Chandrabhan Singh Akya.

Let us tell you that Akya is angry after the ticket was canceled and he has also announced to contest the elections as an independent, which can also be harmful for the party. Chandrabhan Singh Akya has also accused BJP state president CP Joshi.

He said that CP Joshi has canceled my ticket due to old enmity. In response to Aakya's displeasure, CP Joshi said, no individual takes decisions in BJP, rather all decisions are collective. I can say that the kind of list that came, there is enthusiasm among the people, there are family members and everyone will work together.

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