Rajasthan Elections 2023: BJP comes under attack from Congress for giving ticket to 'Malinga', Rahul Gandhi said a big thing


The election campaign for the Rajasthan Assembly elections is now in its final stages. In such a situation, the biggest leaders of the parties are currently in Rajasthan and are claiming victory during the election campaign. Not only this, big leaders of the party are not shying away from making statements against each other. Along with this, some old cases are also being removed. 

In this series, Congress Party has now raised the matter of assault with AEN in Dholpur to corner BJP. In this case, AEN Harshadipati had alleged that Girraj Malinga, the then Congress MLA from Bari, was involved in the assault on him. 

Let us tell you that during the fight, Harshadhipati had 22 fractures in his body. After this incident, Harshadhipati is bedridden for the last one and a half years. In such a situation, during the meeting in Hindoli assembly constituency, Rahul Gandhi also cornered BJP on the issue of giving ticket to Girraj Malinga. Here Rahul Gandhi, without taking Malinga's name, said that our party has cut the ticket of an MLA. We said that we will never give a ticket to such a person. But BJP immediately gave him the ticket because this is their thinking. Rahul said that Modi ji, when it comes to giving rights, says that there is no caste, when it comes to fighting, castes are created for them.