Rajasthan Election 2023: Whose government will be formed in Rajasthan? The latest survey has disturbed everyone's sleep, know the update


New Delhi: Now new equations are being formed and getting worsened in the Rajasthan Assembly. Here all the political parties are trying their best to win the assembly elections. Currently, there is a Congress government in the state, which is seeking votes based on the development work done by it.

Apart from local leaders, national leadership is also continuously landing in the state during the election campaign. Veteran party leaders Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are also putting their efforts into the election campaign. Many big leaders from the BJP side are also campaigning for votes.

Now it has to be seen which party will form the government in the state. The latest survey has come out on whose government will be formed in the state, which is surprising everyone. Not only this, this survey is enough to give Congress sleepless nights.

Know what the survey says

To know which party has the upper hand in the Rajasthan Assembly elections, you will have to know the complete opinion poll. An opinion poll has come out which has given sleepless nights to the political parties. According to the latest survey, 125 out of 200 seats are said to be in favor of BJP.

This time the ruling Congress seems to be suffering a big loss. Congress seems to get a total of 72 seats out of 200. Along with this, the survey has told us that to know which factor is going to play an important role for the BJP, our article will have to be read carefully.

Know the updates related to voters

According to opinion polls in Rajasthan elections, the BJP seems to be coming to power, which is like a big shock for Congress. 64 percent of Bania voters in the state can go with BJP, 20 percent with Congress, and 16 percent with the remaining parties.

Talking about Jat voters, 44 percent are likely to go with BJP, 24 percent with Congress, and 32 percent with others. Along with this, according to the survey, most of the Gurjar voters seem to be going with Congress this time too like last time. At the same time, 63 percent of Gurjars are expected to go with Congress, 27 percent with BJP, and 10 percent with others.

Along with this, 9.07 percent of the total population of Rajasthan is Muslim. There are 40 seats in the state where the influence of the Muslim community is more. There are also 24 seats where the Muslim vote bank is large. According to opinion polls, 3 percent of Muslim votes are expected to go with BJP, 92 percent with Congress, and 5 percent with others.

Know when the results will come

The results of the five states along with the Rajasthan Assembly elections will be released on December 3, before which all the leaders are trying their best. Given this, the Election Commission has banned any kind of exit poll. During this period, no channel or media organization will release any opinion poll.