Rajasthan Election 2023: This action will be taken within 72 hours of implementation of the code of conduct!


The dates of assembly elections in Rajasthan have been announced. With this announcement the code of conduct has come into force. Let us tell you that voting will take place in Rajasthan on 23rd November and the results will come on 3rd December. With this, now all the parties will start campaigning on a war footing. But along with that the Election Commission has also become active. 

With the implementation of the code of conduct, now posters, banners, hoardings related to any party put up in all departments, offices and websites will be removed and if any painting has been done, it will also be removed. Also, posters and banners related to political parties will be removed from all public places including roadways, bus stands, railway stations, roadsides, pillars, bridges and other places. 

At the same time, posters, banners or paintings installed in any person's private building will be removed. These three tasks will have to be completed within 72 hours. After completion of these works, the Returning Officer will report to the Election Commission. 

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