Rajasthan: Education Minister Madan Dilawar has now warned schools, if this does not happen then action will be taken.


After the protest by Muslim girl students against MLA Balmukand Acharya from Hawamahal assembly constituency of Rajasthan capital Jaipur regarding the hijab issue, this matter has now reached the assembly. Now Education Minister Madan Dilawar has given a big statement regarding this.

According to reports, on the issue of girl students wearing hijab in schools, he said that I am not in favor of hijab. I have to follow the prescribed uniform. Madan Dilawar, a minister in BJP's Bhajanlal government, said that one will have to come to schools in prescribed dress, otherwise action will be taken against teachers as well as girl students.

During this he told that I have discussed this matter with the officials. He said that schools will have to follow every order of the government. Madan Dilawar even said during this time that the government will take action against those schools if there is no picture of Goddess Saraswati in the school.


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