Rajasthan: Dotasara's big statement on Jyoti Mirdha joining BJP, said- there will be a lot of pressure


Before the assembly elections in Rajasthan, Congress has been dealt a blow by former MP and veteran Nagaur leader Jyoti Mirdha. Let us tell you that he has left Congress and joined BJP. Here, Rajasthan Congress President Govind Singh Dotasara has given a big statement on Jyoti Mirdha joining BJP. 

If media reports are to be believed, Dotasara said that she was not in any Congress program for four and a half years. His mind has not changed today, it has already changed. Dotasara said that she belongs to an industrialist family. So there will be some pressure. I have been the president for three years. Jyoti never called. 

On Mirdha's departure, Dotasara said that the one who leaves the party leaves only after finding fault in it. Subhash Mahariya also left after finding fault. Mahariya and Rajendra Rathore have an old friendship. 

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