Rajasthan: Dotasara said regarding the price of petrol and diesel - like other guarantees, this guarantee of PM Modi also proved to be a jumla.


Rajasthan Congress State President Govind Singh Dotasara has targeted PM Modi regarding the prices of petrol and diesel in Rajasthan. Veteran Rajasthan Congress leader Govind Dotasara has taken a dig at PM Modi's guarantee through social media.

Dotasara tweeted in this regard that another guarantee of Modi ji failed. Compared to neighboring BJP-ruled states, petrol prices in Rajasthan are still about Rs 10 per liter higher, while diesel prices are about Rs 2 per liter higher. Before the elections, the Prime Minister had said in Bharatpur on November 18, 2023, that as soon as the BJP government is formed, the prices of petrol and diesel will be made at par with the neighboring states, but like other guarantees, this guarantee of the Prime Minister also proved to be a statement.

Rajasthan government reducing VAT by 2 percent is like a drop in the mouth of a camel. The Prime Minister took votes by lying to the public but has cheated the public by not fulfilling the promise. Crude oil prices are low in the international market, and government companies are earning profits worth crores of rupees, but the public is not getting any relief.

PC: amarujala