Rajasthan crime: Wife had an affair with a 19-year-old boy, killed husband to hide the love affair


Rajasthan crime: Due to having an affair with a 19-year-old boy and to hide the love affair, the wife killed the husband. At present the case is being investigated.

Rajasthan crime: Police has solved the case of murder of a youth by crushing his head on July 1 in Maniyan police station area of ​​Dholpur district. The youth was murdered by his wife in connivance with her lover and his friend. Revealing the case, police has arrested the deceased's wife, lover and lover's friend.

Maniyan police station in-charge Naresh Sharma said that on July 1, the body of a young man with his head crushed was found in a field in the police station area. In this case, the young man was identified as Sukan Singh. After the young man was identified, the deceased's father lodged a case in the police station. The father told in the report that his son had left the house to buy vegetables, but did not return.

The police station in-charge said that prima facie the case looked like murder. When the police investigated the case thoroughly, it was found that deceased Sukan Singh's wife Sunita had a love affair with Pankaj Singh (age 19), the son of the deceased's maternal aunt. Due to this relationship, the deceased's wife Sunita along with her lover Pankaj hatched a conspiracy to murder him. Satyaveer, the friend of lover Pankaj, was also involved in this conspiracy.

On the behest of the deceased's wife Sunita, lover Pankaj and his friend Satyaveer killed the young man by making him drink alcohol. After which the accused left the body in the fields near MB Garden and went away. After the incident, accused Pankaj came with the family of the deceased and identified the deceased and also filed a report. Revealing the case, deceased's wife Sunita, lover Pankaj and lover's friend Satyaveer have been arrested on charges of murder. The police is interrogating them.

Wife plotted murder, had given money to lover for liquor party

The police station in-charge said that the conspiracy to murder the youth was hatched by his wife. The deceased's wife conspired with her lover Pankaj Singh to murder him and first sent her husband to the market to bring vegetables. After which she called her lover Pankaj and gave him 500 rupees to have a liquor party. After giving the money, the accused Pankaj Singh reached the market with his friend Satyaveer. Where he first had a liquor party with the deceased. After which Pankaj and his friend Satveer killed the drunk youth by simply crushing him with a stone.

The deceased's aunt's son was the wife's lover

The police station in-charge said that the accused of murder, Pankaj Singh, was the son of the deceased youth Sukan Singh's aunt. He was having an affair with the deceased's wife Sunita. The murder was committed to hide the love affair. In which the lover Pankaj Singh along with his friend Satyaveer Singh also committed the crime.