Rajasthan Crime News: A girl got trapped badly after a love marriage with a village boy, family members gave her such a painful punishment, even the police was shocked to see this


Rajasthan Crime News: A case of kidnapping and murder of a woman has come to light in Baran district. This case has come to light in the Harnavdashaji police station area of ​​the district.

Rajasthan Crime News:  A case of kidnapping and murder of a woman has come to light in Baran district. This case has come to light in the Harnavdashaji police station area of ​​the district. It is alleged that the married woman was forcibly abducted from a bank by her family members and after that, the family members killed her and set her body on fire. At the same time, information is also being received about negligence on the part of the police in this case.  

Police chased the husband away from the police station. 

According to the information, the deceased's husband tried to report the incident to the police station and he kept pleading for it, but the police chased him out of the police station. The police came into action only when the husband told the DSP about the murder of the married woman.

What is the matter

In fact, 20-year-old Shimla Kushwaha, a resident of the Jawar police station area of ​​Jhalawar district, had married Ravi Bhil, a resident of her own village, against the wishes of her family, about 1 year ago. After the love marriage, the couple was living in different places away from the family. These days the couple was living in Madhya Pradesh. On Thursday, both of them had come to Harnavdashaji Bank to withdraw money, which the girl's family got to know about. After which the family reached the bank and forcibly took the married woman with them. During this time, her lover's husband managed to escape from the spot. After which the boy reached Harnavdashaji police station and reported the incident, but the police did not listen to the boy and asked him to leave from there.  

About 4 hours after the incident, when the boy informed the DSP who had come there about the girl's murder, the police came into action. Then on the information of Baran police, the Jawar police station of Jhalawar district reached the spot and stopped the cremation of the body. During this time, the girl's body was burnt up to about eighty percent. On receiving the information about the girl's murder and burning of the body, Baran Superintendent of Police Rajkumar Chaudhary and Jhalawar Superintendent of Police Richa Tomar both reached the incident site, Jawar's crematorium, where the family also fled from the spot on getting the information of police's arrival. At present, the FSL team has been called to the spot and the situation is being inspected. 

Post-mortem will be done today.

Meanwhile, CCTV footage of the kidnapping of the married woman has also surfaced. In the CCTV footage, it can be seen how four family members including her father are forcibly taking the girl from the bank with them. Initially, it was found out in the incident that the girl was murdered somewhere in Baran district itself. When the girl died, her body was taken to the cremation ground of Jawar for last rites. At present, it is being told that the body of the girl will be brought to Baran where her post-mortem will be done by the medical board in the morning.