Rajasthan: Congress nominated him at the last moment for the Banswara Dungarpur seat.


The time for filing nominations for the second phase of Lok Sabha elections has ended. Banswara Dungarpur's seat in Rajasthan was in discussion at the last moment for filing nomination.

After not having an alliance with the Bharatiya Adivasi Party on this seat, Congress fielded Arvind Damor as a dummy candidate. Earlier there was discussion that Arjun Singh Bamnia would be the candidate from Congress, but in the last hour of nomination, the party filed the nomination by making Arvind Damor a dummy candidate. 

Bamnia has also given his reaction after Congress made Damor a dummy candidate. In this regard, he said that I have turned 60 years old, and now the youth should be given a chance.

It is noteworthy that Congress had not announced any name for this seat till the last moment. Congress was hoping for an alliance with the Bharatiya Adivasi Party for this seat. For this reason, Congress does not want to field a candidate against him.

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