Rajasthan: Congress MLA Madan Prajapat's promise has been fulfilled, now he will wear shoes and slippers!


Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has announced the creation of 19 new districts. With this, the pledge of Congress MLA from Pachpadra Madan Prajapat has also been fulfilled. After which now after one year he will again wear shoes and slippers. He had taken this vow a year ago.

What was the demand of Prajapati

Yes, during the last budget, Congress MLA from Pachpadra, Madan Prajapat had declared outside the Vidhansabha by opening his shoes and slippers for not making Balotra a district, that he will not wear shoes and slippers until Balotra is made a district. 

According to the information, Madan Prajapat, Congress MLA from Pachpadra, had promised the people of Balotra before the 2018 assembly elections that if you vote for Congress, then Balotra will definitely be made a district, in such a situation there was pressure on Gehlot. In Bharat Jodo Yatra, MLA Prajapat was seen barefoot everywhere. 

Balotra has Asia's biggest refinery

Pachpadra Refinery, the dream project of the Rajasthan government, was earlier part of the Barmer district. After the formation of the Balotra district, the refinery under construction of Pachpadra has also been included in Balotra.