Rajasthan: CM Gehlot's one-to-one dialogue with MLAs continues, Pilot keeps distance


There are still about seven months before the assembly elections in Rajasthan, but CM Ashok Gehlot is doing one-to-one with the party and supporting MLAs and is trying to feel their pulse. During this, many questions are also being asked of the MLAs.

But Sachin Pilot has kept his distance from this one-to-one. Recently, he had come into discussions by protesting and fasting against the party and was summoned to Delhi. Now Pilot has returned from there but Ashok Gehlot, party in-charge Randhawa, and party president Dotasara are away from one to one.

On the very second day of the beginning of the one-to-one program of the Congress, many types of rumors also started happening. It is discussed that most of the MLAs are reaching from the Gehlot camp, which is why their names are being projected. It is alleged that the time of the program was also fixed in such a way when Sachin Pilot made his tour.