Rajasthan: CM Gehlot is not serious about Sachin's demands, gave a clear indication while talking to the media


Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has stated Sachin Pilot's Jan Sangharsh Yatra after almost 11 days. However, he did not take the name of the pilot in this matter and took the support of the opposition in every talk and taunted the pilot. Let us tell you that Pilot had given an ultimatum to the Gehlot government regarding his demands.

Among these demands, there was also a demand for compensation to the candidates affected by the pilot's paper leak. When the media questioned Gehlot about this demand, he said that it is a 'bankruptcy of intellect'. He has again started new discussions in political circles by attacking the big demand of the pilot without taking his name.

Gehlot said where are the paper outs not happening? We have made the law. We are sending paper outs to jail. If the opposition does not have any issues then they will talk about the paper out.

And will say that give them compensation, the 26 lakh people who are sitting, give them compensation. What would you call this? Wouldn't this be called bankruptcy of the intellect? Has anyone ever made such a demand in the history of the world? 

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