Rajasthan: Chief Minister Gehlot is claiming to repeat the government based on these schemes


Rajasthan has assembly elections at the end of this year and preparations for those elections have already started. In such a situation, both the parties Congress and BJP are claiming their respective victories. But in Rajasthan, the government changes every five years, and this time Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is claiming that his government will get re-elected.

Let us tell you that after the announcement of the budget, the Chief Minister has become more confident that his welfare schemes and the work done by him in the last five years can get his government repeated. He has also said that if the Congress government repeats in Rajasthan, their schemes like Chiranjeevi, Pension will be further strengthened.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot also targeted the opposition BJP and said that these people stop the work of old schemes as soon as the government changes. He said that changing governments causes loss. He said that if the government had not changed, the refinery would have been completed by now.