Rajasthan: BJP's big claim regarding ERCP, everyone will be happy with Rajendra Rathod's statement.


Now political parties are in the fray regarding the assembly elections going to be held in Rajasthan, after the big meetings of BJP, Congress also held the meeting of party president Kharge and the issue was ERCP. Kharge fiercely targeted BJP on this issue.  

Let us tell you that Congress started its election campaign from Baran and in the beginning of the election campaign, Congress has made ERCP an issue. When BJP was cornered on this issue, BJP also responded to it. Let us tell you that Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathod targeted Congress by speaking in Jaipur.

On this occasion, Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathod said – Congress is misleading the public by raising the issue of ERCP. We will complete the ERCP project once our government is formed. He also said that no matter how hard Congress tries, the government will be formed by BJP. 

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