Rajasthan: BJP state president Joshi once again targeted the red diary, said such a thing about Kharge and Gehlot!


Assembly elections are round the corner in Rajasthan and along with it the atmosphere has started to build. Political parties are accusing each other and people are trying to find out each other's shortcomings. Here on Wednesday, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge visited Bhilwara in Rajasthan and addressed the people.

During this, Kharge said about the red diary that BJP is threatening us in the name of the diary, if there is anything in the diary then bring it in front. At the same time, after this statement, BJP state president CP Joshi has attacked. Talking to the media at the state BJP office, Joshi said that what is there in the red diary. Due to which there has been a stir in the entire Congress. Chief Minister Gehlot also had to get a statement from Kharge on the red diary. 

During this, Joshi targeted the government and said that if he had gone to the places where women and girls were raped in the state, he would have known the reality. Kharge has come to Bhilwara where a girl child was burnt alive. CP Joshi said that Kharge was praising Ashok Gehlot in Bhilwara. But, when Kharge ji had come as an observer and the MLAs here had shown him a bluff. They will remember those days too.