Rajasthan: Big statement from CM Gehlot's minister in the assembly regarding the Rajasthan Home Guard, answered the question of regularization


The proceedings of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly are going on continuously at this time. In the proceedings resumed on February 28, the minister is answering questions. In the proceedings going on in the Vidhansabha, questions were asked on issues of public interest during the Question Hour. One of these questions was also about the ministry of Minister Rajendra Gudha, to which he replied.

In response to a question in the Vidhansabha, he said that home guards will not be regular in Rajasthan. Also said that the government has never promised to regularize the Home Guard jawans nor does it intend to give them the benefits of the facilities available to the employees. 

Speaking further on this matter, Gudha said that the Home Guard is a volunteer. Let us tell you that Rajendra Gudha was once considered very close to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, but he has joined Sachin Pilot's group for some time and is seen giving statements in favor of Pilot. Some time ago, he had organized a meeting of Pilot in his constituency.