Rajasthan: Big statement by CM Gehlot's advisor Lodha, said- BJP neither has any face nor any vision.


There are less than two months left for the assembly elections in Rajasthan and in such a situation, the leaders of Congress and BJP are not missing out from targeting each other. In such a situation, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot's advisor and MLA Sanyam Lodha has targeted the BJP. He said that BJP is dreaming of coming to power by misleading the general public through Jan Aakrosh Yatra or Parivartan Yatra.

Speaking further, he said that BJP will not gain anything from this yatra, their dream will remain a dream only. Sirohi MLA Sanyam Lodha said that this time there will definitely be a change in the state, but it will not be of rule but of custom. After many decades, some government will repeat in the state and then Congress government will be formed. 

Lodha said that BJP, which is dreaming of coming to power by misleading the people, will not get anything, their dream will not be fulfilled. BJP is trying to mislead the general public by adopting new tactics every day. 

BJP first took out Jan Aakrosh Yatra which proved to be a complete flop show and now it has brought Parivartan Yatra without any leadership. Sanyam Lodha said that BJP has no face and no vision in the entire state. For this reason, she is contesting the elections without any face, putting forward the mask of Modi. 

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