Rajasthan: Big gift to the government employees of Rajasthan, from next month money, will come by pressing in salary


Government employees, whether it is the state governments or the central government of the country, do all the work so that the employees can be happy. In such a situation, along with the announcement of DA for the employees from the Central Government, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan has also announced DA for the employees.

In such a situation, this is good news for the government employees and pensioners of Rajasthan. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has increased the dearness allowance of state employees by 4 percent with immediate effect. 

Along with about eight lakh employees, about four lakh pensioners will also be benefited from this decision of the state government. Employees and pensioners will get a 42 percent dearness allowance from January 1, 2023. Earlier DA was being given at the rate of 38 percent.