Rajasthan: Before the Lok Sabha elections, Diya Kumari gave this big gift to poor girls!


Before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Deputy Chief Minister Diya Kumari has given a big gift to poor girls. Deputy Chief Minister in the Bhajan Lal government, Diya Kumari, on Wednesday, on behalf of RBL Bank, distributed bicycles and school kits to 400 poor girls of Vidyadhar Nagar area under CSR at Bhavani Niketan College Ground.

During this, she said that social evils like women atrocities, and dowry start from home, hence if we have to end these evils, then we will have to start from our home only, and only then women will become truly empowered.

During this, Diya Kumar appealed to the parents and said that when we make both the son and daughter do the household work, then the scope of thinking of the sons will increase and they will understand that there is no big or small between men and women.

He said that parents who ignore their daughters and do not give them opportunities are doing injustice to them.

PC: deccanherald