Rajasthan: Before the inflation relief camp, a new problem arose in front of CM Gehlot, if there is no solution, then the party.....


The problems in front of the Chief Minister of Rajasthan are not taking the name of reducing. Every day some new problem arises in front of them. When they deal with one, the threat of the other hangs over their heads. In such a situation, now a new problem has come in front of the CM that the sarpanchs of many villages of the state have raised their voice of protest.

According to the information, Rajasthan Sarpanch Sangh has announced lockout in panchayats from 23rd April and if this happens then it will become a big problem for Congress before the elections. The Sarpanch Sangh has also warned the Chief Minister and the Panchayati Raj Minister and the reason for this is to pay the dues of the panchayats. 

Rajasthan Sarpanch Sangh says that the government is not releasing 4 thousand crore dues of Panchayats. The demand is being made since many months but the government is not listening. In such a situation, if the money is not received now, then from April 23 there will be a lockout in the panchayats. Here in Ajmer, by submitting a memorandum to the Collector, the Sarpanch Sangh has tried to convey its message to the Chief Minister and the Panchayati Raj Minister.