Rajasthan: Before the assembly elections, these photos increased the heartbeat of Congress and BJP, many meanings are being extracted from the meeting


Assembly elections in Rajasthan will be held at the end of this year and before that political parties have started their preparations. BJP and Congress are already active here. At the same time, you have also made complete preparations to contest the elections. In such a situation, a big news has come to the fore that there has been a meeting between Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal and National Democratic Party chief Hanuman Beniwal.

A photo of these two together is going viral on social media. Along with these two, Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann is also there. After this photo came in front, many speculations have started in the politics of Rajasthan. First of all, whoever saw this photo has to say that both these parties can enter the election field together. That is, there can be an agreement between the two on equal seats.

By the way, let us tell you that Hanuman Beniwal's daughter Diya's birthday was on 4th April. In which the big leaders of the country participated. Arvind Kejriwal and Bhagwant Mann also participated in this party, where these people met, but many political meanings are being extracted from their meeting.